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Floppy Days Episode 12 - CoCo Book Interview w/Boisy Pitre & Bill Loguidice

Special Bonus episode!  Interview with Boisy Pitre and Bill Loguidice about their new book "CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer."


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Floppy Days Episode 11 - VCF East 9.1 Preview w/Evan Koblentz

1 year anniversary of Floppy Days!!  Special Bonus Episode!  I talk with Evan Koblentz of MARCH, who gives us a preview of the upcoming VCF East 9.1.

Links and Info:

VCF East 9.1 -
Evan Koblentz email -

NOTE: Evan misspoke about Bil Herd's Friday session. It is not just CRT repair. It's overall video issues, of which CRT is just one part.

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Floppy Days Episode 10 - The Apple II, Part I, History with Steve Weyhrich

First part on the Apple II:

  • Personal memories of the Apple II.

  • New acquisitions.

  • News.

  • Feedback.

  • History of the Apple II.

  • Special guest host Steve Weyhrich, the man who literally wrote the book on Apple II history!!

 Links mentioned in this episode:

 New Acquisitions

 Vintage Computer Shows



Other News



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The intro theme song is a parody of the Happy Days theme (all rights reserved) sung and produced by Dr. Steven Weyhrich.  The lyrics were developed jointly by Steve and Randy.

Altair, Apple, Floppy Days,

Commodore, Tandy, Floppy Days,

Atari, TI, Floppy Days,

The weekend comes, the disk drive hums

Ready to code for you!

These days were all

Happy and free (those floppy days)

The games we played,

You shared with me (those days)

Motorola, Intel, 6502

Graphics and text are there to view

Composite color or RGB

Program fun for you and me!


IMSAI, PC, Floppy Days,

ST, Amiga, Floppy Days,

Junior, Sinclair, Floppy Days

Classic days, micro ways

Geekin' all week with you!

These days were all,

Happy and free (those floppy days)

The games we played

You shared with me (those days)

These Floppy Days are yours and mine

(These Floppy Days are yours and mine)

Floppy Days!

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This schedule is subject to change

November, 2015: TI-99 Interview with Jim Fetzner & Mark Wills

November, 2015: TI-99 Part 1, History

December, 2015: TI-99 Interview with Ralph Rees

December, 2015: TI-99 Part 2, Tech Specs/Modern Upgrades

January, 2016: TI-99 Part 3, Websites and More

February, 2016: HP-41C Programmable Calculator, Part 1

March, 2016: HP-41C Programmable Calculator, Part 2 

April, 2016: HP-85

May, 2016: Acorn Atom

June, 2016: TRS-80 Pocket Computer

July, 2016: Sinclair ZX-80

August, 2016: Vic-20

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Floppy Days Episode 9 - The TRS-80 Model I (Part II)

Second part on the TRS-80 Model I:

  • Personal memories from Terry Stewart (Tezza).

  • Second part on the history of the machine, beginning with its introduction.

  • Second part of the interview with David and Theresa Welsh of Priming the Pump.

  • News, tech specs, peripherals, software, books, magazines, emulation, Web sites, modern-day upgrades.

  • Special guest host Earl Evans!!


Links mentioned in this episode:


New Acquisitions


Vintage Computer Shows


Other News






Modern Upgrades




Popular Websites


Other Sites Used for Reference

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Floppy Days Episode 8 - The TRS-80 Model I (Part I)

News, reviews, and a discussion of the TRS-80 Model I:

  • personal memories

  • history up to its introduction

  • interview with David and Theresa Welsh (Part I), authors of "Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Enthusiasts Helped Start the PC Revolution"



Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Floppy Days Episode 7 - Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 8.0

News and a completion discussion of VCF Midwest 8.0:

  • personal memories

  • feedback

  • new acquisitions

  • upcoming shows

  • new vintage computer books

  • overview of VCFMW

  • interviews with attendees of the show (Jim Leonard and Jason Timmons) 


Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Floppy Days Episode 6 - The Commodore PET

News, reviews, and a discussion of the Commodore PET:

  • history

  • peripherals

  • tech specs

  • books/magazines/software

  • emulation

  • user groups

  • current Web sites


Links mentioned in the show:

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Floppy Days Episode 5 - The American Computer Museum

New podcasts, upcoming vintage computer shows, new additions to my vintage computer collection, listener feedback, my stories about the American Computer Museum, and an interview with George Keremedjiev (director of the American Computer Museum)


Links mentioned in the show:

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