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Floppy Days Episode 11 - VCF East 9.1 Preview w/Evan Koblentz

1 year anniversary of Floppy Days!!  Special Bonus Episode!  I talk with Evan Koblentz of MARCH, who gives us a preview of the upcoming VCF East 9.1.

Links and Info:

VCF East 9.1 -
Evan Koblentz email -

NOTE: Evan misspoke about Bil Herd's Friday session. It is not just CRT repair. It's overall video issues, of which CRT is just one part.

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Floppy Days Episode 10 - The Apple II, Part I, History with Steve Weyhrich

First part on the Apple II:

  • Personal memories of the Apple II.

  • New acquisitions.

  • News.

  • Feedback.

  • History of the Apple II.

  • Special guest host Steve Weyhrich, the man who literally wrote the book on Apple II history!!

 Links mentioned in this episode:

 New Acquisitions

 Vintage Computer Shows



Other News



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