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Floppy Days Episode 14 - 2014 CoCoFest Preview

This is a special bonus episode and the topic of this show is the upcoming (as of this podcast) 2014 23rd Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFest.  I interview John Mark Mobley about the show and he gives the scoop about what you can expect to see there.  

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Floppy Days Episode 13 - The Apple II (Part II)

Second part on the Apple II:

  • New acquisitions

  • News

  • Tech specs, peripherals, magazines, user groups, shows

  • Special guest host Carrington Vanston!!

Items mentioned in this episode:

New Acquisitions

Vintage Computer Shows


User Groups


Other Books/Sites Used for Reference

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Floppy Days Episode 12 - CoCo Book Interview w/Boisy Pitre & Bill Loguidice

Special Bonus episode!  Interview with Boisy Pitre and Bill Loguidice about their new book "CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer."


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