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Welcome to a special interview-only episode of the Floppy Days Podcast.  For this show, we have an interview conducted by Kevin Savetz, interviewer-extraordinaire from the Antic Podcast.  Kevin conducted this interview 2 years ago.  Since the interviewee and topic are not Atari-related, but are very much vintage computer related, Kevin and I thought perhaps Floppy Days would be a good medium for publishing this interview.

Wayne Green, Computer Magazine Publisher

Wayne Green was founder of 73 magazine; Byte magazine; Kilobyte, which became Kilobaud, then Kilobaud Microcomputing; 80 Micro magazine for the TRS-80; Hot Coco for the TRS-80 Color Computer; Run for the Commodore 64, inCider magazine for the Apple II; and several other computer magazines.  

This interview took place over Skype on January 29, 2013, when I was doing research for a book about the very first personal computer magazines — Byte, Kilobyte, and Creative Computing. Although I've decided not to write the book, I am publishing the interviews that I did for them.

Wayne Green died on September 13, 2013, eight months after we did this interview.

Teaser quotes:

"Sharing is the big deal for me. When I find something fun, interesting, I have to share it."

"Steve Jobs ... I heard about the Apple computer so my wife and I stopped by to visit him. ... He took me out to the garage and showed it to me. He says, 'What do you think?' I said 'I think you've got a winner. There's a first computer conference is going to be in Atlantic City in two weeks. Be there.' He says 'Oh, I can't afford to fly.' I said, 'Take a bus. Be there.'"

"Amelia Earhart kept her plane at my dad's airport. ... I used to play in that when I was a kid. ... I'm one of the few people who knows exactly what happened to her."



An article remembering Wayne:

Wayne Green FBI file:

Kilobaud Microcomputing issues:

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This episode is part 3 of a 3-part series on the Tandy Color Computer, also known as the CoCo.  I have special guest hosts to help me again this month: John Linville and Neil Blanchard of the “CoCo Crew Podcast”.  Join us as we discuss Coco magazines, books, software, modern upgrades, emulation, Web sites and much more. 

I also go over my new acquisitions, tell you about upcoming vintage computer shows and cover some podcast feedback.

Finally, we also have audio segments from no less than 4 different CoCo fans who share with us their memories and thoughts about the Tandy Color Computer.  Thank you to Michael Moore, Rick Adams, Jon Day, and Tony Cappellini for your contributions.

Note that Floppy Days now has a Facebook page where you can discuss the show or vintage computers in general.  Search for “Floppy Days” on Facebook.

Links Mentioned in the Show:


New Acquisitions/What I’ve been Up To

Upcoming Shows






User Groups and Shows

Modern Upgrades

Connectivity to Modern Computers



Current Web Sites

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"History of Commodore Computers" Poster Now Available

History of Commodore Computers poster

I want to mention a special sponsor for this show: Bill Degnan and his Web site. is the place to go for information about Historical Computers and Vintage Computer Restoration.  Bill has a blog where he discusses various vintage computer topics and projects and it’s a great reference site.

Bill also has put together a poster he calls “the History of Commodore Computers” which is the culmination of three years of work and research. The Commodore systems have been professionally photographed specifically for this poster and the photos appear nowhere else. This poster is ideal for any vintage computer fan, Commodore Computer collector, classic or vintage memorabilia display. This is a limited edition poster and will not be re-printed.  Poster Dimensions are 24" x 36" and it includes hi-resolution images of common AND rare and hard-to-find systems including the KIM 1, PET 2001, PET 4016, PET 8032, VIC-20, C-64, C-64C, SX-64, C-128, C-128D, B-128, Plus/4, C-16, Amiga 500 and more plus selected diskette drives.  The cost is $19.99 + shipping, depending on where you’re located.  Check it out.  It really is a great poster whether you’re a huge Commodore fan, or whether like me, you just like vintage computers in general.

Bill also donated one of these posters to the show to use for a contest of my choosing, so by the next show I will announce how that will work.  Stay tuned for more information about that and thanks, Bill, for the donation of the poster.

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