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Floppy Days Episode 27 - Ohio Scientific Challenger

Main Topic: The OSI Challenger series of computers


At this point in the podcast run, we are still in the late 1970’s time frame, and the OSI machines fall into that time frame for their release.  No vintage computer historical journey would be complete without including these very important machines.  As usual, we’ll cover the history, technical specs, peripherals, Web sites, books, emulation and much, much more.  I am joined by special guest host Terry Stewart of the Classic Computers website who will help me cover these machines.  In addition, we are joined by OSI aficionados Mark Csele and David Fenyes who share their first-hand memories of the OSI.  But first, I’ll cover new acquisitions, news, and feedback before diving into the OSI.


Links Mentioned in the Show:


New Acquisitions/What I’ve Been up to














Buying and Using One Today (eBay and replicas)


Current Web Sites 

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This is a special interview-only show with none other than Terry Stewart, aka Tezza, of the Web site.  Terry is long-time member of the vintage computing community and has done the community a great service by producing excellent videos about each member of his extensive vintage computer collection.  If you haven’t had a chance to see any of Terry’s videos, you definitely should check them out; they’re on YouTube and you can subscribe to his channel.  You should also check out his Web site, which has tons of useful information about each machine as well as troubleshooting tips, a forum, and much more.


Terry was kind enough to co-host the Floppy Days episode on the OSI Challenger series of computers and since the episode ran a little long I decided to pull out the interview into its own show.


Please enjoy and let Terry know that you appreciate the great work that he does.


Terry’s Classic Computers -

New Zealand Computer Museum -

New Zealand winds -

A bit on the roaring 40s -


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