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A podcast about home computers of the late 70's through the 80's. NEW SPONSORSHIPS! 8-Bit Classics is a great place to get video cables, power supplies and more for a wide variety of vintage computer platforms. Arcade Shopper has a wide variety of hard-to-find items for a large number of platforms.

Show Theme Song

Dec 29, 2013

The intro theme song is a parody of the Happy Days theme (all rights reserved) sung and produced by Dr. Steven Weyhrich.  The lyrics were developed jointly by Steve and Randy.

Altair, Apple, Floppy Days,

Commodore, Tandy, Floppy Days,

Atari, TI, Floppy Days,

The weekend comes, the disk drive hums

Ready to code for you!

These days were all

Happy and free (those floppy days)

The games we played,

You shared with me (those days)

Motorola, Intel, 6502

Graphics and text are there to view

Composite color or RGB

Program fun for you and me!


IMSAI, PC, Floppy Days,

ST, Amiga, Floppy Days,

Junior, Sinclair, Floppy Days

Classic days, micro ways

Geekin' all week with you!

These days were all,

Happy and free (those floppy days)

The games we played

You shared with me (those days)

These Floppy Days are yours and mine

(These Floppy Days are yours and mine)

Floppy Days!