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Jul 30, 2014

In this special joint podcast, live from KansasFest 2014, we discuss our favorite parts of KFest, play a game of 2 Truths and 1 Lie, and more!


Podcast Title: “Retro Open ANTICHertz Mac Quarter Poly Floppy Drop”



Antic - Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz

Drop III Inches - Mike Maginnis, Paul Hagstrom

Floppy Days - Randy Kindig

IndieSider - Ken Gagne

No Quarter - Carrington Vanston, Mike Maginnis

1 MHz - Carrington Vanston

Open Apple - Mike Maginnis, Quinn Dunki

Polygamer - Ken Gagne

Retro Computing Roundtable - Carrington Vanston, Paul Hagstrom, Steve Weyhrich

RetroMacCast - John Leake


Intro Song -  “Lazy Hazy Crazy KFest” lyrics created and sung by Steve Weyhrich