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Jul 8, 2017

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 5.0 Post-show

Hi, everyone and welcome to episode #75 of the Floppy Days Podcast.  I’m your host, Randy Kindig.  It’s July, 2017, and I have a special episode for you where I cover the VCFSE 5.0 show that took place April 29-30 this year in Roswell, Georgia.  When I say I “cover” the show, what I really mean is that I give you a limited perspective of the show from my eyes, as an exhibitor at the event.  I will be talking about the exhibit I was a part of, some of the people I met, and purchases or sales that I made.  The largest part of this episode, however, are the interviews that I was able to get at the show.  They were interesting and fun for me.  I hope you enjoy it, and if you were not able to make it to VCFSE this year, please consider attending next year.  It’s well worth the effort to get there.

Links Mentioned in the Show:

00:00 Theme Song

01:23 Ads

01:52 Intro

03:11 Exhibit Discussion

08:47 Tandy Assembly Ad

09:35 My Acquisitions, items sold, or give-aways

16:57 Thomas Liebert Interview

28:45 Jon Guidry Interview

49:44 Amiga Bill & Anthony Interview

1:41:54 Conclusion

1:44:52 Out-takes