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Jun 11, 2016

Welcome to episode 60 of the Floppy Days Podcast, where vintage in the term vintage computers simply means “cool”.  My name is Randy Kindig.  I am happy to bring you this month the follow-up or second of two episodes on the HP41C programmable calculator.  Once again, I have two stellar members of the HP41 community, Richard J. Nelson and Gene Wright, with me to bring you all the information you care to know about the HP41.  That includes a wrap-up to the history of the machine, tech specs, books, software, newsletters, modern upgrades, emulation, current Web sites, and so much more.  Before that, I do want to discuss a few new acquisitions that have come my way, as well as some feedback I’ve received from listeners.

Links Mentioned in the Show:


Modern Upgrades


Web Sites

Museum Document Sets -