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May 10, 2015

Hi Everyone, and welcome to this special edition of The History of Floppy Days… uh, I mean, One o’clock, Two o’clock, Three o’clock Personal Computing! No, that’s not right… No… wait, it’s the combo podcast of Floppy Days AND The History of Personal Computing podcast! We’re live, here at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast and I’m your host, David Greelish! Please join me in welcoming my co-hosts, Jeff Salzman and Randy Kindig!


We have three significant machines to discuss on this special podcast, as we’re celebrating three significant milestones in the history of personal computing this year. First, it’s the fiftieth anniversary of the DEC pdp-8, then it’s the fortieth anniversary of the Altair 8800, and lastly, it’s the thirtieth anniversary of the Commodore Amiga.






Altair 8800


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