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The IBM PC 5150 Part 5 with Jim Leonard

Welcome to Floppy Days episode 112 for March, 2022.  I am Randy Kindig, your host.  As a reminder, we are currently finishing up talking about computers released in 1981.  This is the 5th of 5 shows covering the release of the IBM PC 5150, the grand-daddy of most modern personal computers.  I know 5 shows about one computer seems like a lot, but it IS one of the few computer lines that actually became a standard and many of the computers we use today are based on this original architecture.  Besides, it just turned out there was a lot to cover about this machine.

As on the earlier IBM PC episodes, I’m extremely happy to have Jim Leonard as co-host for this final episode on the 5150.  Jim is a fount of knowledge on all topics IBM PC, so I’m honored he was able to help us take a walk through the various aspects of the machine and all of its associated information.

In this episode we will cover emulation, buying one today, Community, and Web sites.

Before we get into the main part of the show, I will be talking a bit about new acquisitions in the vintage computer hobby.

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