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This episode is part 3 of a 3-part series on the Tandy Color Computer, also known as the CoCo.  I have special guest hosts to help me again this month: John Linville and Neil Blanchard of the “CoCo Crew Podcast”.  Join us as we discuss Coco magazines, books, software, modern upgrades, emulation, Web sites and much more. 

I also go over my new acquisitions, tell you about upcoming vintage computer shows and cover some podcast feedback.

Finally, we also have audio segments from no less than 4 different CoCo fans who share with us their memories and thoughts about the Tandy Color Computer.  Thank you to Michael Moore, Rick Adams, Jon Day, and Tony Cappellini for your contributions.

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  • Soo... wow, that's kinda crazy. Can't believe my audio submission about Temple of Rom was preceded by the GUY WHO MADE Temple of Rom! Wanted to say more about that game too...almost endlessly huge map with ridiculously smooth scrolling. How I came home in time to be humiliated as my little brother completely destroyed my high score. So yep...amazing. Thanks Rick Adams. You created some lasting special memories for a little 7-8 yr. old kid on the other side of the continent. Respect to you, sir. And thanks for allowing me 5-minutes of air time to share, Randy...I'll be listening from here on out. Ready to share my memories on Tandy 1000hx and Apple IIe.

    posted by: Jon Day on 2015-10-20 04:07:05

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